Our Vision/Mission/Values

Our Vision

To uplift the living standards of Kenya’s rural population by integrating development approaches into their livelihoods

Our Mission

An effective organization responsive to issues of food security through maximizing the use and management of participatory approaches in integrated development leading to vibrant, equitable and sustainable communities.

Our Values

  1. Make a real difference to people’s lives.
    Working in partnership with farmers in rural areas of Kenya to reduce poverty, increase food security and household incomes
  2. Adding value to farmers livelihoods through quality, evidence-based and practical learning
    PAFID will provide farmers with the knowledge to adapt to climate change through hands-on training in climate smart agriculture based on the latest regional interventions
  3. Working in partnership and collaboration in Conservation Agriculture
    Improving the resilience of food production systems while at the same time maintaining healthy soils and agro-ecosystems so that future generations can look forward to a sustainable future.
  4. Integrity,transparency and accountability
    PAFID is accountable to those that support us and those with whom we collaborate. PAFID is honest and open about what we do and about the choices we make and we strive for successful and responsible joint efforts with others.
  5. Commitment to excellence in delivery of  service
    All PAFID staff operate under our ‘Commitment to Delivering Excellence’ ethos.
    This commitment is entrenched throughout the organisation with every member of the team focusing on consistently meeting or exceeding farmers and donors’ expectations.
  6. Professional, respectful and ethical in our relationships and communications with internal and external stakeholders.
    We build trust through respectful and enduring relationships with both internal and external stakeholders and the wider community.